My Story

Saying I am a Chiropractor in Franklin TN is an understatement of who I am as a practitioner


I’m Dr. Frank A. Marghella, a Long Island, NY native, a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, the very first college of Chiropractic, named for the founder of the profession. I chose to study there to gain perspective and knowledge direct from the fountainhead of the profession I chose to make my life’s work. I am thankful every day that I made this decision. It helped make me the doctor I am today and afforded me a life for which I am truly grateful.

In 2007, shortly after graduating chiropractic school, I moved to Nashville where I met my beautiful wife, Jaima, to whom I have been happily married since 2009. Together we have two gorgeous daughters, Gianna and Everlee. We currently reside in Nolensville and I practice in the Franklin and Cool Springs area.

My beginnings may seem humble, but they led me to greater influence on my community…

I opted to start my career as an independent contractor at Dixon Center for Integrative Health Care. I put in seven years there, learning the ropes, obtaining experience, continuing my education and, most importantly, getting results on patients with various conditions, a plan which enabled me to finally realize my dream of starting and operating my own practice, which I finally accomplished in 2015. Suddenly, my life-long dream of being a practicing Chiropractor was in full swing.

The next chapter: Ideal Health and Wellness Center, Franklin TN

In opening my very own practice in 2015, I am able to specialize in conditions caused by nerve interference using a wide variety of techniques, including several specialized and gentle ones such as extremity adjusting techniques for the shoulder, knee, wrist and foot. I treat wide variety of conditions ranging from headaches and migraines, to shoulder, neck and back pain, to even digestive and allergy problems. I even help people with weight loss.

The wide variety of conditions treated derives from a concept of “Ideal Wellness” accentuated by its namesake, my practice, Ideal Health and Wellness center.

My passion for sports enhances my commitment to and understanding of the value of Chiropractic care

In the sports field, I have helped multiple, elite athletes, even in their quest to make the Olympic teams. Additionally, I upgraded my results with patients’ fitness by adding “Lipo-Laser”, LED light fat-loss technology. Since 2013, using this incredible technology, I am proud to have helped over 2000 patients achieve their weight and body fitness goals. I am committed to increase health on all levels and continually attend seminars to remain on the cutting edge of the latest lipo-laser and weight loss techniques.

This is the only treatment with permanent results that is completely safe and natural says Dr. Marghella. “For those who want to lose fat quickly and even those who have tried diet and exercise in the past and not seen the results, or those who just want to spot reduce, Lipo-Laser treatments are an excellent option, without any side effects”.

In 2017, Dr. Marghella added Brain Tap technology to his growing practice to help people with additional health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, memory loss, headaches, sleep trouble and hormone imbalances. This technology allows people to relax, reboot, and strengthen the pathways between the brain and nervous system. By achieving the right mindset, you can overcome bad habits and fears, significantly decrease negative self-talk and self-destructive impulses, freeing you of obstacles so you can maintain your ideal health.

“When I opened Ideal Health and Wellness Center, I wanted a place where people could go to reach their true health potential. By combining chiropractic, lipo-laser, and Brain Tap to the clinic, we have the elements necessary to help people with any and all health issues”, says Dr. Marghella. “My goal was to create a practice that is an overall wellness center, essentially a one stop shop for all your health needs. Ideal Health and Wellness Center does just that and more.”