Weight issues are running rampant but are they all physical? Why is weight loss one of the foremost priorities of Americans when it comes to healthcare and wellness? After all, it ranks above access to healthcare and even substance abuse. Clearly it is a priority because being overweight is more than a bothersome condition. It is an inner concern for outer appearance. Perhaps its foremost difficulty is its near-infinite abundance of causes. But is it all in your head? While there are many physical aspects, a mindset can be at play in prolonging or even exacerbating the condition. Changing your mindset, weight loss can yetRead More →

If you get headaches, you may have read about piercings that help with headaches. But do they? Daith piercing is what the popular trend is called. Named after the skill possessed by the one doing the piercing and its degree of difficulty, this process pierces the thickest cartilage of the outer ear. The rumor floating around social media these days is that it “cures” migraines and other types of headaches. The word “cure” itself, however, may explain the confusion regarding this and answer the questions about whether or not diath piercing can really get rid of headaches, and what a real remedy consists of. WhatRead More →

4 Ounces of Muscle Tension Prevention Are Worth Pounds of Relief at Work Of course, “everyone knows” that if you sit at a desk all day at work that muscle tension, shoulder, neck and back pain are a given, right? After all, these are the foremost complaints among corporate employees. This is what keeps Chiropractors so busy these days. Relief and prevention strategies abound all over the internet. But what is the real issue? Has anyone asked why it occurs in the first place? Could it be something other than working conditions? Actually it can be a lack of 4 things, the handling of which can makeRead More →